Our Mission

Sandstorm North Contracting strives to provide superior recreational experiences to visitors and local communities who visit Provincial Park campgrounds we operate in northern British Columbia. While upholding a safe, progressive and positive work environment, we value a workplace that embraces equal opportunity, personal growth and development for our employees. We choose to provide a work environment that embraces collaboration with our employees to enhance the workplace and provide quality opportunities and experiences for work and recreation in an environmentally responsible manner.

2017 PO of the Year: Sandstorm North Contracting

Family Operated

Sandstorm North Contracting is a family owned small business that has been operating BC Provincial Parks  located in northern British Columbia  since 1996. Throughout the years, we have extended our business from   operating Carp Lake Provincial Park to six Provincial Parks located in the North and South Peace Region. Today, we employ a team of over 20 employees, who each year become an extension of our family.

Personal Wellness

We believe that to be at your best; you have to take care of yourself. Each year we contribute to a wellness program that provides recreational equipment for our staff to enjoy such as  kayaks, bbq’s, and sports equipment.

Park Visitor Satisfaction

As representatives of BC Parks, we strive to provide the best experiences for our park visitors and make our local communities proud of the parks available in their area.


At Sandstorm North Contracting, we operate in wilderness areas with a diverse population of wildlife. We contribute to conservation of the environment and wildlife by supporting interpretive programs to bring education and awareness to park visitors.   Through our health and wellness fund we acknowledge and support agencies  and societies that contribute to wildlife rehabilitation and public education such as Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Leave no Trace CanadaWildsafe BC.

Our Core Values

  • It is our goal to provide a positive work environment and treat fellow staff members, management and customers with respect and dignity regardless of orientation or background.
  • Embrace equal opportunity as an essential component in our company’s operations.
  • Apply a high standard of quality and excellence to provide superior park maintenance and services.
  • Strive to develop and maintain positive interactions with the public to create satisfied customers.
  • Monitor, evaluate and continually improve our management practices to ensure efficient use of limited resources.
  • Strive to create a cleaner and greener environment by making continuous efforts to be energy-efficient and to improve sustainable practices.
  • Champion a safe workplace and encourage safety awareness and mentality.