Explore Northern BC, a diverse range of campgrounds nestled in the heart of Northern British Columbia’s wilderness. Whether you crave the serenity of secluded sites or the camaraderie of group camping, we have the perfect spot for every nature enthusiast. Let the stunning landscapes of British Columbia be the backdrop to your memories. Share your camping experiences with our vibrant community and be inspired by others’ adventures.

At CampinBC.com, we offer two delightful ways to experience the beauty of British Columbia’s campgrounds: embark on the Circle Tour for an all-encompassing adventure or explore each campground individually for a more personalized journey.

Circle Tour Extravaganza: Embark on our Circle Tour for a seamless and curated exploration of the diverse landscapes BC has to offer. This exclusive route connects you with a handpicked selection of campgrounds, each offering its own unique charm. Traverse coastal wonders, mountain retreats, and serene lakeside havens, creating a comprehensive tapestry of camping memories.

Individual Getaways: Prefer a more tailored experience? Dive into our individual campground listings, where you can choose specific locations based on your preferences. Discover hidden gems, explore local activities, and plan your perfect getaway at your own pace. Each campground is a destination in itself, waiting for you to uncover its natural wonders. Whether you crave the cohesion of a Circle Tour or the freedom to pick and choose, CampinBC.com ensures your camping experience is as unique as the landscapes you’ll explore. Start your adventure today and Explore Northern BC.

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