BC Parks camping party definition states:
  • At least one member of the party must be 16 years of age or older.
  • One to four persons 16 years of age or older.
  • A maximum of eight persons including children (15 years of age and younger).
A campsite/camping party may have ONE of the following:
  • a motor vehicle not designed as an accommodation for camping, e.g., car, truck, SUV, non-camperized van, motorcycle (to a maximum of one motorcycle per adult in party); or
  • a motor vehicle towing a trailer designed as an accommodation for camping, e.g., 5th wheel, travel trailer, tent trailer; or
  • a recreational vehicle (RV), e.g., motor home, camperized truck/van; or
  • a RV with a legally towed motor vehicle; or
  • a motor vehicle or RV towing a trailer not designed as an accommodation for camping, e.g., utility/cargo, or boat trailer.
A camping party may also include a tent or tents, if suitably accommodated on the campsite pad. A camping party may be allowed a second motor vehicle not designed as an accommodation for camping on the campsite for an additional ½ of the camping fee (to a maximum of $12/night).
Fees may be in effect for individual and group camping, and backcountry access and camping. There is a charge for making, changing, or canceling a reservation as well as extra services in parks (i.e. firewood). 2021 Fees: Campsite: $20/night Additional Vehicle: $10/night Sani-station fee: $5/use Firewood: $10/bundle Ref: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/fees/.
Reservations can be made for Moberly Lake, Charlie Lake, and Beatton Provincial Park. For more information about reservations, click here. To make a reservation online with the BC Parks Discover Camping service, click here. Reservations can also be made by calling Discover Camping toll-free at 1-800-689-9025. (A $5.00 surcharge applies for reservations made through the call centre.)
The maximum length of stay in any provincial park is 14 days per park, per calendar year. The exceptions to this rule are:
  • sẁiẁs (Haynes Point) Provincial Park has a maximum stay of 7 nights all year round.
  • Martha Creek, Mount Fernie, Porteau Cove, Loveland Bay and Ellison Provincial Parks have a maximum stay of 7 nights during the peak season only (June 15 to Labour Day inclusive).
A few parks have long-stay programs available. Click here to see list of participating parks.
Please check in after 1:00 pm and before 11:00 pm when gates close for the evening. If you have a reservation and will be delayed beyond 11:00 am of the morning after your scheduled day of arrival, you must contact the park in order to avoid losing your reservation.
Please vacate the site no later than 11:00 am. We appreciate that you check out on time as staff must prepare the campsite for the next occupants. Please leave your site clean. Thank you!
Gates are closed from 11p.m. to 7a.m. This is also considered “quiet time” in most parks. Please respect other campers’ right to enjoy a peaceful camping experience.
This service is not available in the Parks we manage at this time.
Generator use is permitted between the hours of 9a.m. – 11a.m. and from 6p.m. – 8p.m. This policy was created to help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and noise levels. Click here for more information.
BC Parks has an Idle Free policy in provincial parks that applies to both vehicles and boats moored within the boundaries of a protected area. Click here for more information.
Firewood can be purchased from Park staff at a cost of $10.00 per bundle. Park staff sell firewood during collection shifts while circulating the park. Please burn only firewood you have brought with you or purchased from us. Removing trees and branches from the forest floor is a violation and may result in a fine and/or eviction.
Domestic pets are not permitted in all parks – please check specific parks for details. Parks that allow domestic pets require:
  • Pets to be kept on a leash no longer than 2 metres (6 1/2 feet) or in a vehicle, at all times.
  • Pets to stay out of beach areas or park buildings, unless the area is designated “Pets permitted” by a sign.
  • Owners are responsible for behaviour of pets and the disposal of its excrement in a manner that does not inconvenience or annoy other park visitors.
Some parks, depending on the service level of the park, have either a full-time security presence or a part-time security presence provided by the campground operator.
No person shall possess or discharge a firearm, bows or crossbows in a park or recreation area except during an open season as specified under the “Wildlife Act” or as authorized. For more information about hunting in BC Parks, click here.
For information on access, uses and/or commercial activities in parks, ecological reserves and protected areas that require an approved permit or permission, click here.
In BC you may only tow one trailer for recreational purposes;
  • A motorhome may tow a car (a tow dolly may be used) or a trailer
  • A truck towing an RV trailer may not tow any additional trailers.
Towing an RV of less than 4,600 kg
Most recreational trailers weigh less than 4,600 kg and may be driven by a driver with a Class 5 or 7 passenger car driver’s licence. An air brake endorsement is required if either the truck or trailer has air brakes.
Towing an RV of more than 4,600 kg
If you want to tow an RV that weighs more than 4,600 kg and neither the recreational trailer nor your truck has air brakes, you need:
  • a Class 1, 2 or 3 driver’s licence, or
  • a Class 4 or 5 driver’s licence with a heavy trailer endorsement (code 20), or
  • a Class 4 or 5 driver’s licence with a house trailer endorsement (code 07).
For more information, download the ICBC Towing a Recreational Trailer Guide. This guide contains the basic information you need to know to drive while towing a recreational trailer. While this guide focuses primarily on large fifth wheel RV trailers, it contains helpful information about towing a recreational trailer of any size or weight.